How to Get Younger Man Interested in You

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Are a mature woman looking for a younger man? Do you want to understand men better? This article is for these mature ladies who would like to understand men. It looks at the inner workings of a man’s mind and emotions when it comes to dating. Here are some tips for these rich older women who are seeking younger men to let a man know them and approach these rich and mature women.

Some younger men are interested in the older woman and want to ask her out on a date. One thing many women do not know about men is that many younger men are afraid of rejection from a mature woman. They are afraid of being vulnerable which is what it takes to approach an older woman and ask her out for a date. Men often appear on the outside to take a rejection from a women in their stride. However inwardly they may be feeling deeply hurt. Many men do not frequent their emotions as much as women do on a daily basis. So when they do open the door to their heart it can be very painful for them to experience a rejection. Some younger men may not ever want to take the step to approach a women they are attracted to due to fear of rejection.

So what can we do as older women to assist younger men. Well there are indeed a few things we can do to signal to a young man that we are open to him approaching us. If you see a man you like the look of and want to let him know, one thing you can do is to get in his line of sight and lock eyes with him while smiling. The smile is important as it signals to him that this is a friendly gesture. It is good to hold his gaze for about 5 to 7 seconds. During this 5 to 7 seconds he may look around to check that you are indeed smiling and looking at him. Keep your gaze going cause when he looks back at you he will know that he is the one that you are focusing on.

If you happen to be with a group of older women when you see a young guy you would like to approach you it is best to separate yourself out from them. As a young man is less likely to approach you to ask you out when you are with other mature women. This is because he risks not only rejection from one women but rejection in front of many people. Separating yourself from the group will make it a more attractive situation for him to know and meet you.

Another way to give a man a signal that you are open to getting to know him is to approach the young man yourself and ask a question. For example, if you are in Starbucks you can ask him if he can recommend the latest seasonal drink. Generally men love to be helpful and assist a woman by answering a question. This gives them an opportunity to shine and feel useful.

I know for some of you this behavior may be different and new. Remember that the man is often as nervous as you are. By giving a man a clear signal and not a mixed message or no message you will increase your chances of getting asked out and who knows he could be your ideal partner.

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