How to Find a Cougar Date

cougar dateThere are some kind of women called "cougars", who are in thirties, forties or even fifties and want to date younger men. Older women get a younger man and young guys also want to get an experienced older woman who is not shy and also not interested in marriage.

There is a lot for young men to gain when dating experienced cougars. Unlike young women, Cougars have learned that there is no such thing as a perfect man and they will have patience with you and will gladly point out if you are doing something wrong instead of sulking and letting you figure it out for yourself. Are you interested in these cougars? How to date these cougars? Here are some tips which may can help you find the right way to date them.

Tip 1 - Know who are Cougars 

If there is a woman who is over 35, well dressed, wears no wedding ring and is flirting with young guys, you may have the right cougar. Try catching her eye and smile a few times but don't stare too long - you don't want to seem creepy.

Tip 2 - Make yourself attractive and charming

All women, including cougars love can easily notice these men who looks handsome and tidy. So, make yourself tidy and gentle. On a side note - this is a good tip in general, not just cougar dating. Nothing wrong with having a goatee but make sure it is trimmed and neat.

Tip 3 - Choosing Right Clothing

Cougars take care of their looks and their shape, much more than average woman their age. They also dress younger than their age and always in style. You should be aware of what clothes are in and wear something that will accentuate your body's best feature. Something that will look good on you, maybe a bit flashy and attention-grabbing but still classy - you don't want to look like a clown

Tip 4 - Cologne 

Take a lady friend with you and let her pick a cologne and after shave for you. In general you want something nice and pleasant, something that doesn't have a sharp smell. And don't overdo it, you want a pleasant smell and not too strong, so don't spend the whole bottle at once.

Tip 5 - Take First Step

Don’t wait cougars to talk with you unless you are very attractive and handsome. Cougar women are often predatory and may approach you on their own. But still they will appreciate a man of action, someone who confidently approaches them. Offer to buy them a drink or ask for a dance. Just don't fumble your words, be confident and direct.

The best place to find a cougar date is on specialized cougar dating sites. On a popular and large cougar dating site, you will find thousands of cougars, you can also quickly find someone in your area, and you can even search by age, hair color, height, and so on. What’s more, you can quickly find if she is interested in someone like you, can send messages and chat with interested cougar women.

However, there are thousands of cougar dating sites for users to choose. What is the right cougar dating site? Here is a professional cougar dating review site: Rich Cougar Dating Sites which can help users find the best cougar dating website quickly and easily. The best cougar dating site is totally free to join. so find one cougar site and start your cougar date now.

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