What is Cougar Dating

what is cougar datingCougar means that a woman in her thirties, forties or even fifties who is actively looking for younger men who are in their twenties. Here are some dos and don'ts on cougar dating or building cougar relationship.

Buy Flowers for Cougars

Like other younger women, Cougar ladies love to be treated romantically. A bouquet of flowers will go a long way but throw in a hand-written note on how much you enjoy her company, for a personal touch. Trust me, it works way better than an SMS. Even an old-fashioned box of chocolates will still be a great sign of affection.

Do Not Talk About Marriage 

Cougar dating is not about long-term commitment, it is about an arrangement that is beneficial to both parties here and now. Talking about kids and marriage, planning to buy a house together etc will only spoil the mood. In fact you should early on make it clear that the relationship is not going to last forever.

Ask Cougar for Advice 

Young girls will want you to be the perfect prince on a white horse and guess everything correctly the first time. Older women have learned to be more patient and will treat you more like a boy who needs to be taught how to handle women. Do not be ashamed to ask if you're doing something wrong, you might be surprised on the level of insight that older women can offer to younger men.

Do Not Be Possessive

Cougar has a history and experienced a lot. You knew that before dating her. Unlike younger women, they are mature and know some thing even you still do not know. Give your cougar some space and time. Do not control her. She probably already had some control freak who tried to make her an obedient little woman and fail. You cannot and should not try that. If she wants a night out with her friends you should just gracefully accept that as her right. It's not like you're planning to marry anyway.

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