What Should You Know When Dating A Rich Cougar?

dating a cougar

Dating a cougar is not the same as dating a young woman. It requires a distinct finesse that you may never have experienced while dating a younger woman. Cougars carry a distinct perspective on life, sex, and love often shaped by their past relationships and career experiences. They may have distinctive views on romantic love. Therefore, you may need to connect with them at a higher level of emotional and intellectual intelligence. You may get a lead if you are good in bed.

As per recent research, a rich cougar has an inclination towards better sex. Rich cougar women employ more contraception and stay safe from sexual abuse. These factors keep them happy with sex. But there are certain things that you should keep in mind while approaching a cougar woman. First and foremost rule is to treat an older, richer cougar as an equal partner in your relationship. Here are some do’s and don’ts you should abide by while dating a rich cougar:

Leave your manly ego at the door

Many men believe that it's their duty to pay for everything while dating a woman. You should remember that a rich independent cougar will date you for a reason. Remember the reason for which a rich cougar gives you her attention. Embrace the fact that she will like you for who you are and how you treat her. A rich cougar is a strong, independent woman who can eventually buy everything you can ever imagine by herself. You should better keep your male dominance outside the door while meeting a cougar woman.

Embrace the lifestyle differences

When you are dating a rich cougar, it is obvious to expect differences in backgrounds and expectations. Sometimes the differences between you two can be shocking. You may find a rich cougar who has travelled the world or holds numerous degrees or is incredibly successful. But you should remember that she is with you to enjoy finer things in life. Be ready to embrace the lifestyle differences and keep yourself open to getting introduced to new places and unexpected experiences. Keeping an open mind will help you explore and experience new dimensions and visit unexplored horizons of the world.

Don’t treat your cougar woman like a trophy

This rule goes well for any woman whether cougar or not. No women like to be treated as an arm candy or a trophy to take along. Remember to give her enough time and value her perspectives. Learn more about her preferences and interests and never lose a chance to her the importance she holds in your life. Plan little engagements to keep her interested. Remember the golden rule of rich cougar dating is that you are dating a mature woman.

You may access cougar dating sites to find a rich cougar. But you will require some research and need to invest some money for finding the right match. You may require something eye-catching to grab the attention of a cougar woman. Cougar women will generally require few things figured out much before they plan to step into a relationship.

Remember to get groomed before you chase a rich cougar woman. Move a step further in taking care of yourself. Your extra efforts will turn fruitful in no time. Do not forget to know your lines while dating a rich woman. Dating a cougar is not a regular relationship with regular push and pull. It will be more of an arrangement where she will set the rules and you must adhere to them. You cannot expect to be the dominant partner or who bosses around. Treat her like the goddess. Put your ego outside the door. Embrace the lifestyle differences. Treat her as a strong independent woman and create an equal partnership.

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